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The main characteristic of the diode is Danxian

The main characteristic of the diode is Danxian.

First,the main parameters of the diode.

Maximum current.

It refers to the maximum positive current allowed to pass through the diode during long-term operation,which is related to PN junction area and external heat dissipation conditions.

Maximum reverse voltage.

When the reverse voltage at both ends of the diode reaches a certain value,the diode will be broken down and lost.

Go to unidirectional electrical conductivity.

Reverse current.

Reverse current refers to the reverse current flowing through the diode under the specified temperature and maximum reverse voltage.The smaller the reverse current,the better the one-way conductivity of the tube.

Two,the identification of the diode.

Appearance recognition.

Model identification.

Three.Detection of diode.

Use a pointer type multimeter.

RX100 and RXlk gears are usually used in ohmic gear.

Positive characteristic test.

The black pen of the multimeter (positive electrode inside the table) touches the positive pole of the diode,and the negative pole of the red watch pen (the negative electrode inside the table) touches the negative pole of the diode.If the needle is not placed in the middle of the dial,it is not the 0 value,but the resistance is the positive resistance of the diode.The smaller the forward resistance,the better.If the forward resistance is 0,it indicates the short circuit damage of the core.If the forward resistance is close to infinity,it explains the opening of the core.Both short circuit and circuit breakers can't be used.

Reverse characteristic test.

The red pen of the multimeter is the positive pole of the touch diode,and the black pen takes the negative pole of the touch diode.If the needle is at infinity or close to the infinity value, the diode is qualified.

Use the digital multimeter to test it.

The multimeter is adjusted to the detection diode,and the red pen and black pen are used to contact the two poles of the diode (red pen connection positive pole,black pen to negative pole),and the positive pressure drop of the diode can be displayed.Normal should be shown: silicon tube 0. 500~0.700V,germanium tube 0.150~0.300V.The voltage drop of Schottky diode is about 0.2V,the common silicon rectifier tube is about 0.7V, and the LED is about 1.8~2.3V.Replacement of the pen,the display shows that "1" is normal,because the reverse resistance of the diode is very large,otherwise it means that the diode has been broken.Both positive and negative measurements are 0 or 1, indicating that the diode is damaged.