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In recent years, intelligent video surveillance system has achieved rapid development as one of the main data sources of smart cities. In the field of video surveillance cameras, image sensors, as one of the key factors determining image resolution, will also usher in further development.
In the field of IP surveillance, CMOS has better image performance, lower cost, higher integration, lower power consumption and faster speed than CCD, so it is increasingly used in network cameras. With the development of large-resolution, high-frame rate, low-cost image sensors and the development of technology, CMOS image sensors have become the mainstream of today's image sensor market due to their high integration, excellent performance, and ease of use. .
In addition, the optical sensor market is becoming more and more powerful, and CMOS image sensors will be used more and more in machine vision equipment. Technologies and products such as drones, robots, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will also make the CMOS image sensor market a new life.
Three types of sensors welcome a broad space for development
The development of smart cities, for the sensors that are the core of the IoT perception layer, will be a good time for development in the coming decades, and the development space is broad.
It is foreseeable that special-purpose sensors for special industries and sensors with high precision will have a lot of room for development. In addition, as access control systems in commercial and residential applications are popularizing biometrics, this type of sensor will usher in the spring of development.
Conclusion: With the advent of the new technological revolution, the world has entered the era of information intelligence. In the process of using information, the first thing to be solved is to obtain accurate and reliable information, and the sensor