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What is a reed pipe and dry reed relay and how to detect them?

  1. The reed pipe


1) The reed pipe is also called the reed pipe or the magnetic reed switch, which is a special magnetic sensitive switch, which is the main component of the reed relay and the proximity switch. The clarinet has the advantages of simple structure, small size, long service life, flexible action, anti-corrosion, dustproof, easy control, etc, as a switching device in electronic products.

According to the size of the dry reed pipe can be divided into small, large and small. Dry reed pipe contacts are common in the form of normally open contact ( H type ) and conversion contact ( Z-type ) two.

The dry reed pipe of the normally open contact, usually its contacts are opened, when the reed is magnetized, the contact is closed.


2)Detect the dry reed pipe

Put the multimeter in the RX 1 block, and the two stylus are arbitrarily connected to the two pins of the dry reed pipe, and the resistance value should be infinite. With a small magnet close to the reed pipe, you can see the reed action, and the multimeter pointer should swing to the right to zero, indicating that the two reeds are connected. Then remove the small magnet from the clarinet, and the multimeter pointer should be left back to infinity. If the magnet is close to the dry reed pipe, the reed can not be absorbed ( the universal meter needle does not move or the zero position ), indicating that the contact gap of the internal reed is too large or has occurred displacement ; if the magnet is removed, the reed can not be disconnected, indicating that the elasticity of the reed has been weakened and can not be used. The above method can also be used for the three-terminal conversion dry reed pipe. But in the operation to distinguish the relationship between the three contacts, according to the above method to test and make a correct judgment.


2.Dry reed relay


1)The reed pipe relay is a magnetic field switching contact generated by the current of the coil, the configuration and circuit symbol of the reed relay. The dry reed pipe in the coil and the coil is encapsulated in the magnetic shielding box. The reed switch relay has the advantages of simple structure and high sensitivity, and is commonly used in the fast switching circuit of small current.


2)Detect the dry reed relay

The detection method can directly add the rated voltage to the clarinet relay. When the contact is heard, the resistance of the measuring switch pin should be zero, otherwise, it's broken.


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