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How to measure resistance using a universal bridge meter?

Connect the measured resistor Rx to the binding post, first estimate the size of the measured resistance, place the measurement selection switch and the range switch in the appropriate position, and place the toggle switch in "inner 1 kHz". The loss ratio switch is independent of the resistance measurement.


Adjust the sensitivity knob to reduce the bridge sensitivity, so that the meter indication is less than the full scale, adjust the two reading discs separately, so that the meter indicates zero. Then gradually increase the bridge sensitivity, and then adjust the two reading discs. When the sensitivity is maximum, adjust the dial to make the meter indicate zero or close to zero, indicating that the bridge has reached equilibrium and record the reading of the bridge reading disk.


According to the formula: Rx = range switch indication value * (first reading plate reading + second reading plate reading), find the value of the measured resistor Rx.


For example, if the range switch is placed at 100Ω, the first reading disk is 0.8, and the second reading disk is 0.055, then the measured resistance of R×=100*(0.8+0.055)=85.52Ω.


If the resistance cannot be estimated, connect the resistor to the “measured” terminal. The first reading plate is set to “0”, the second reading plate is set to “0.05”, and the measuring range is placed on either block. Adjust the sensitivity so that the meter pointer is around 50μA, the measurement selector switch is set to “R>10” or “R≤10”, turn the range switch to find the first gear that the meter indicates the smallest, fix it in the block, and gradually increase the bridge sensitivity, adjust the second reading plate to minimize the meter indication, so that the approximate value of the resistance can be measured, and then the appropriate range can be selected according to this value, and the accurate value can be measured according to the measurement process of the above resistance.


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