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What is the working principle of a gas-fired heat gun?

Gas-fired heat gun (also known as self-heating iron) is one of the best tools for disassembling multi-pin components. It uses the heat generated by the combustion of butane gas to heat the soldering iron for welding. In addition, it can also weld plastic with hot air, tightening heat shrink tubing and sparkling heaters. Suitable for use in field forces, scientific research, geological or petroleum exploration, and geodetic surveying of electronic equipment such as electronic equipment and radio.



Working principle: The butane gas produced by liquefying butane is sprayed from the gas tank at a high speed, and the flame generated after ignition is heated. However, instead of heating the iron directly (low thermal efficiency), the porous ceramic catalyst is heated by a flame, and when heated to red, the largest infrared ray is radiated to heat the tip (patented technology). It has a high thermal efficiency, flame temperature up to 1300 °C  by adjusting the size of the flame to control the temperature, so that the temperature is 200 ~ 500 °C.


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