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What are the precautions when using a mechanical multimeter?

1. The transfer switch cannot be rotated when the positive and negative test leads are docked or measured, so as to avoid the needle swiftly swinging when the hFE gear is rotated.Which may cause the needle  bent, and the multimeter may be burned out.


2. When measuring voltage and current, you should use a large range of gears to measure, and then select the appropriate range to measure.


3. The resistance cannot be measured while the power is on, otherwise the multimeter will burn out. When measuring resistance, the end of the resistor should be disconnected for testing.


4. Each time the multimeter is used up, the switch should be adjusted to the highest gear of the AC to prevent the multimeter from being burned out due to the second use.


5. Before each measurement, you should look at the gear of the transfer switch. It is strictly forbidden to measure without looking at the gear, which may damage the multimeter. This is a good habit that should be developed from the beginning.


6. The multimeter should not be subjected to severe vibration, otherwise the sensitivity of the multimeter will decrease.


7. When using the multimeter, keep away from the magnetic field to avoid affecting the performance of the multimeter.


8. When the multimeter is not used for a long time, the battery in the multimeter should be taken out to avoid corrosion of the components inside the watch.


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