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How to use an internal heat type soldering iron?

Before using the new soldering iron, the multimeter should measure the resistance at both ends of the power line. If the resistance is zero, the internal contact line should be disassembled, disconnect the line and plug in the power supply; if there is no resistance, most of them are soldering iron cores or the lead wire is broken;if the resistance is about 3kΩ, plug in the power supply, after powering for a few minutes, pick up the soldering iron and press into the rosin. When it is normal, it should have a smoke and have a "beep" sound. At this time, take the soldering iron to the tin, and let the tin be soldered on the soldering iron.

Be sure to first put the iron on the rosin and then power it on to prevent oxidation of the tip for prolongging its service life.



Pay attention to the following points when welding.

1) Pick up the soldering iron and do not solder it immediately. It should be smashed on rosin or solder paste (soldering oil) first.

Purpose: First, remove the dirt on the tip;Second, test the temperature,then go to get the solder, beginners should develop this good habit.


2) The part to be welded should be welded first, and the excessively dirty part should be cleaned first, then soldered to the welding. Solder oil can not be used too much, otherwise it will corrode the circuit board, causing troubles that are difficult to repair, and use rosin welding as much as possible.


3) After the soldering iron is energized, the placing head of the soldering iron should be higher than the handle, otherwise the handle will be easily burned out.


4) If the soldering iron is overheated, the tip should be pulled out from the core housing: If the temperature is too low, you can insert the head inward to get the proper temperature (when the voltage is low, it is not easy to melt soldering) ,otherwise,it is unable to guarantee welding quality


5) Weld the tubes and integrated circuits and other components at a faster speed, otherwise it will easily burn the components. However, it is necessary to completely solder the solder on the circuit board and the parts to remove the soldering iron, otherwise it will cause false soldering and bring sequelae to the maintenance.

Welding technology seems to be an easy task, but it takes a workout to really weld the various parts. For example, what kind of soldering is needed, how many solder joints are needed, how much temperature is needed, how long it takes to solder, and it is necessary to constantly explore in practice.


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