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What is solder sucker and how to use and repair it?

The solder sucker is the ideal tool for removing multi-pin components and through hole weldment, as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1 outline of the solder sucker

1.Structure and working principle.

The solder sucker consists of a soldering tin, a soldering iron core shell, a soldering iron core, a suction pipe, a handle, a pump, a switch, and a power cord. The suction head is made of copper. One end is a screw clasp that is mounted on the suction tube and at the other end is a hole through which the molten tin is drawn.

The iron core of the solder sucker is special, and the outer shape is similar to the external heat iron core. It is placed on the suction pipe. The suction pipe is made of copper. The heat is transmitted to the suction head through it, so that the hot tin is turned into hot tin. Liquid tin is sucked into the tube. The core housing is perforated for better heat dissipation.


The pump is dedicated. When the air tube is pressed, the switch will lock it. After the tin is melted by the suction head, press the switch by hand, the air cylinder will quickly return to the position, and the suction of the gas cylinder will be used to suck the molten tin into the cylinder. , to achieve the purpose of separating the pins of the components on the circuit board from the circuit board.


(2) Use and maintenance.

The use and maintenance of the solder sucker is similar to other soldering irons, but to master the temperature, the suction head should be clean. The specific precautions are as follows.


1) The diameter of the tip hole has large or small. If the thin pin part is required to be removed (such as an integrated circuit), a small diameter suction head should be used; if it is necessary to remove the thick pin parts (such as a circuit output transformer) It is necessary to use a large diameter suction head. The suction head is easy to burn out, so disconnect the power supply after use and try not to solder it.


2) After sucking once, press the pump repeatedly to remove the liquid tin inside.


3) Check the quality of the solder sucker. Use the resistance block of the multimeter to measure the two ends of the power line and observe the resistance. If it is burnt, you can use the same type of core to continue to use:


4) If the pump suction is too small, add a little oil to increase the suction.


5) The solder sucker power generally has 30 or 35W, and its performance is similar. It can be selected in practical applications.


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